Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Consultation – Complimentary.
(Appointments are recommended and only take between 15 – 30 minutes).

About Hair Extensions

images-5[1]All of our stylists are certified in SO.CAP.USA hair extensions (aka SHE by SO.CAP) . All SHE by SO.CAP. hair extensions are 100% human hair and comes in over 90 colors. The bonds are made from100% keratin-protein and contain NO glue, resin, plastic or adhesive and are therefore non-damaging to your hair. SO.CAP.USA is the number one hair extensions company in the world because of their quality and extensive education behind the product. SHE by SO.CAP.USA does not sell hair online or to the general public. You MUST be a licensed stylist and be certified by the company in order to purchase the hair and instruments. This is important to ensure the hair extensions are being properly applied and correct instructions and products are given to each guest. This guarantees the longevity and integrity of not only the extensions but also the client’s own hair. They also offer the lowest bonding temperature on the market for warm fusion hair extensions. SHE by SO.CAP. extensions last 3-6 months depending on the growth pattern of each individual client.



download[1]Unlike other types of hair extensions there are also different maintenance options to consider after getting your initial set of SHE by SO.CAP. Hair extensions. Whether you remove all extensions at the end of their longevity or remove only a partial amount and have them “filled”, there are many different options to fit every guest’s lifestyle and budget. One client may choose to wear the extensions for a few months to get them through the “in between” stage of a hair cut they are growing out. Another client may have fine, thin hair and want to keep them for years to come because they add volume and length to their hair. Whatever your choice, SHE extensions can work for you. The maintenance of these extensions is very simple: do not go to bed with wet hair, pull the hair back in a braid or ponytail when going to bed or swimming underwater and brush your hair at least 2-3 times a day. We give you a full client maintenance care program, brush and styling products for easy at home care. You can also still color you hair with the extensions. Whether it be a base color, gloss or highlights, they are all still possible with your SHE by SO.CAP. Extensions. You can still style your hair without limitation as well. Blow dry, flat ironed or curled, the extensions act just like your own hair. Unless told, the extensions are virtually undetectable. The are comfortable to wear as the bond are very small and all color coated with the color of the hair.



download-5[1]The removal of SHE by SO.CAP. Hair extensions is simple. We have a non-acetone based removal solution which breaks down our bonds. We put a pea sized amount of the solution on the bond, work it in gently with our removal tool and then the bond and extension glide off the hair gently with out and pain or damage. The client’s hair is then left in the original state, healthy and intact.



Hair Extensions are not only just for length anymore. They are also a great alternative to coloring or highlighting the hair and offer damage free, long lasting results. SHE by SO.CAP. Extensions are wonderful for women and men whose hair is very fine and/or thinning whether it be from a medical condition (medications, previous radiation or chemotherapy treatments, etc.), genetics or some other cause. Extensions are also an option for those clients who may have had a bad experience at another salon where they had their hair mistreated or over processed. Our extensions are customized to fit each person’s needs and therefore a consultation must take place in order to appropriately price each individual client.

The integrity of each guest’s hair is of the utmost importance to us here at TEAL. If, after the consultation, we do not feel it would be in the best interest of the client to add hair extensions, we will advise otherwise. In addition to the health and condition of each client’s hair, the happiness of every individual guest is our main priority. If we are unable to proceed with the extension process, our stylists will be able to offer alternative services to aid in reaching each guests individual styling goals.